Tuesday, June 3, 2008


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Paul said...

Hi Peter,

I recently read your "Interviewing Software Developers" paper which I enjoyed very much. It would be great to have a "live" document like this that is continually growing through input from the SW community.

I do have a question for you regarding your sample screening questions. Can you please shed some more "light" on this question?

"Name a mathematical model that might be suitable for the computational representation of the complex curves we encounter in domains like aircraft design?"

Again, thank you for sharing your opinions on the field. I felt it was well thought out (I wish some managers shared your view on some parts of the subject!). It was thoroughly enjoyed.

Paul J.

Pete Howard said...

Thanks for the feedback Paul.

In response to your question - I was looking ideally for 'NURBS', but was looking for some knowledge of mathematical representations for non trivial curves (polynomial, spline, Bezier etc).