Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A completely free, simple technical drawing software (CAD).

Ideal for garden design, mechanical engineering drawings, electrical / electronic, building and room plans, and general diagramming. Output in PDF format for the web. Copy and paste graphics. Create standard symbols to re-use. Scale, mirror and rotate. Accurate scale drawing printing. Drafting tools to compare with pro packages.

Download ... download TigerCad 3.001 Free
Example drawing ... a big PDF example drawing
Discussion group ... support page

Software Downloads

TigerCad ... A free, 2D Windows CAD package

Viterbi ... A graphical demonstration of the Viterbi algorithm

Pete's Piano ... Piano sheet music - graphical editing and sound playback

Professional Services

I offer professional software development services - working with companies like Airbus, BAE Systems, Qinetiq, Panasonic and HP - as well as smaller organisations.

I develop small projects personally, or lead / manage larger projects.

See my CV / Resume.

See a summary of my technical skill areas.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

TigerCad Discussion Page

Please contribute to the discussion by adding comments - Pete Howard.