Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A completely free, simple technical drawing software (CAD).

Ideal for garden design, mechanical engineering drawings, electrical / electronic, building and room plans, and general diagramming. Output in PDF format for the web. Copy and paste graphics. Create standard symbols to re-use. Scale, mirror and rotate. Accurate scale drawing printing. Drafting tools to compare with pro packages.

Download ... download TigerCad 3.001 Free
Example drawing ... a big PDF example drawing
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Jac said...

Howard, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I've been looking for a software package that would allow me to create accurately dimensioned drawing of relatively simple items (horse cart). I downloaded this morning and tonight I have my dimensioned drawings that I can now make accurate modifications, as needed. Very intuitive. Just one question: Is there a shortcut key to get to edit the coordinates? Moving the mouse to the edit button is distracting as it moves the point completely off the drawing.

Many thanks, Jac

Pete Howard said...

Thanks for the feedback Jac.

No there is not a shortcut key to edit coordinates, but I agree it would be valuable. I will add your suggestion to my list of enhancements to get round to one day? - Pete

Anonymous said...

Nice little CAD package. Very inutuitive if you learnt engineering drawing with pencil and paper - as I did! I've just used it to do a garden design.

It would be useful if you could "bring forward"/"send back" shaded areas. I wanted to put some furniture on a shaded patio area but found that the furniture dissappeared. In the end I had to use line drawings of the furniture so it appeared on top of the shaded areas. I'm going to use it for designing the internal layout of a boat next. B. Rgds //Mike

Pete Howard said...

Thanks for the feedback Mike. I'm glad you found TigerCad intuitive from what you might call the perspective of the drawing board tradition. That's exactly what I set out to do. There is a place for professional grade 3D design packages. I'm a particular fan of SolidWorks for this (see my blog page on 'Oar+Some' - I used SolidWorks to produce the photo-realistic images and the digital 'movie' on those pages. However, I thought there was a place for a simple 2D package - that as you point out - marries the power of software to the drawing board approach.

Anonymous said...

Peter: I set my units to feet. To enter a length such as 3 feet 10", how is the entry actually keyed in? e.g. 3.10? 3.10.0? or do I have to do everthing in either inches or as a decimal fraction of a foot?

Pete Howard said...

Hi Jim,

You have to specify decimal fractions of a foot, like 3.5.

adamx said...

Thanks for TigerCad. I had the essentials figured out very quickly.

adamx said...

Thanks for TigerCad - brilliant and easy to get going.

Vis said...

Awesome. Simple clean and fun. I had a conceptual drawing in 10-15 minute's!
I have tried my share of free drawing programs and they never fit my needs. Good work.

Add a donate button to your site its that good.

Anonymous said...

I want to change the background to black or another color in order to see the grid. Is this possible or how can I do it?

Pete Howard said...

I'm sorry you can't configure the colours. I've had one or two comments like this - I'll improve the colour contrast next time I make a release.

In the meantime - a bit drastic I'll admit, but one user found it was perfectly clear on one monitor but not on another. Windows 98 also seems to be implicated?

Daniela said...

Thank you for this brilliant piece of free software that allows people to sketch and share ideas with our colleagues worldwide, regardless if there is a licence of the professional commercial CAD on the machine we are typing from. Very intuitive and easy even for people with no technical drawing experience.

Juan Rivera said...

Aloha Howard,

Thank you for creating TigerCad. I do some structural design work in my spare time and I was able to use TigerCad to create a set of structural drawings for a storage shed I designed for a private client.

I would suggest enhancing the text input to allow multiple lines (paragraphs) and giving he user more control of the arrow size (the auto arrow resizing is somewhat annoying).

Also, it would be nice to be able to create simple blocks for re-use and finally, to have the ability to include the foot " ' "and inches " " " symbols when dimensioning.


fernando said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, Peter! Thank you for such a light and friendly software. I'm an electrical engineering student, and I was wondering if the program has a library with electrical components?

leonid251058 said...

Спасибо за программу.

Anonymous said...

normally I keep quiet on the net but
I just had to comment on Tiger Cad.
After struggling for 3 days with autocad and finding it too complicated for a novice like me, I
tried the Tiger and found myself able
to catch on (thanks a lot to your
great help files) to the basics rather quickly. I agree with Vis, you
need a donate buttom for a program
as cool as this.
Don't know if this is appropriate or not but I found that adding a
fill (light green or such) to the
entire window made the gridwork
stand out rather well. Again, thanks a lot from a true novice in
this kind of work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Howard, thank you so much for your program. It is very helpful though I am not a professional and will take some sessions to learn the program.
Frank from Athens Greece

Anonymous said...

Howard, Thank You for this nice free software package. I see from your profile that we have a lot in common. I also have 1 wives and 3 daughters and I'm 50.